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What is comic cleaning & pressing? 
It is the art of removing dirt and defects on the surface of the comic.

What can be removed with pressing & cleaning?
Cleaning & pressing will remove surface dirt, non color breaking creases, dents. Stains, foxing, color breaking creases, tears can't be fixed or removed with just pressing or cleaning

Is pressing considered restoration?
If done properly pressing can't be detected by grading companies currently and is not considered restoration. 

What are your current turnaround times?
Currently our turnaround is 6 weeks, but as more orders come in or are submitted at a convention we attend they can change.

After pressing can my comics be submitted for grading?
Yes, after we have completed your order we can submit to the grading company of your choice. A separate invoice will be sent for grading once your items are ready to be shipped. They can be submitted under our accounts or your own account. Updates on orders will be given as we get them from the grading company. Your books will be shipped directly back to you once grading has been completed.
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